#1 Space adventure starts again​

Every time I think I have lots of things already done, so I made excel file where I write everything and giving it percentage how much it is done. Then it is calculating me how much percentage I have done. I think it is great thing. I have about 13 % of programming and design part, but I do not add everything to excel. So it is like 5 % max.
Space roadmap: Hangar, bigger rooms, building robot, solar panels, more space station items, more gameplay, canteen

Robot is first thing to do, because I need to change building system little bit, because of robot. About oxygen. Special plants are making oxygen. You need to take care of them. Doors have two modes. Unlocked and locked. Lots of things, like ventilation and more things will have same modes. When power is off, you can not interact with locked things. Only manually. When door is locked, oxygen can not go through. You just need a connected room with oxygen, but ventilations will be too, for bigger safety.
About colonists will be more later.

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